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TV App - Future of TV

"TV navigation concept based on users habits."

Our partner for this project was Wiztivi, a French company working to improve the TV experience. We tried to offer a new way to navigate, suitable for different group of people sharing the same device.

Based on data analysis, the program studies people habits: The TV programs they used to look at, the time they look at it, the duration, the type of content, etc. Based on that logic, we allowed TV to adapt the content depending on the most probable user.

his project was developed in May 2015 with Antoine Mazenot.

My Job

UX Design

"I took part in the user experience design. I did some insights in the TV industries. I also lead to several solutions using creative tools. And I defined user needs and habits."

Video Making

"In order to highlight the project in the best way, we needed a good support. We chose to present it with a video, to simply understand all the key interactions."


"During that project, we had six meetings with the client. Each time, we had to review and update our solutions, depending on their vision and their needs."


User profiles

Final result

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