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Mobile App - Play with bins

"Turning an urban furniture into a funny game."

Made in 72 hours during the competition Game and the City 2015, Tøtem is a musical game with an ecological purpose. It's a phone app connected to a specific public trash in the city.

The player will have its own dirty saddy soiled planet. He will be given a specific trash and will have to find it. Afterwards, the player will reproduce a musical rhythm made by the trash and free it. It will clean a part of his planet in the app. Once all the trashes have been discovered and freed, the planet is natural and beautiful again.

This project was developed with Lucas Pion and Simon Lebastard.

My Job

UX Design

"We wanted the experience to be really accessible, that's why we chose to play with the sound, as well as a friendly cartoon world."

Game Design

"We wanted to find a good way to make something as usual as a trash fun. That's why we brought in some game mechanics such as scoring, objectives, and progression."

2D Animation

"In order to make transitions clearer, it was interesting to animate some elements in the different screens like the planet's cleaning or the totem's realease."

The app

The trash

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