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Roll Back

VR app - Training simulator

"Allow special forces to learn cooperation and complexe strategy at less costs."

Roll Back was presented during Laval Virtual Demo's contest. We wanted to offer a useful and realistic app as well as a nice and easy to access game. The aim is to build an app to allow special forces to work on decision making and strategy's reflexion with a virtual tool.

The project involves two or more users. The first one is the "manager" and the other ones are the "soldiers". The soldier walks into the virtual reality, and he can disable the enemies. He can use two other interactions. The "pause" : he stops time to evaluate the situation and takes decision. The "rollback" : he goes back in time to take another decision.
The manager can see his soldiers on a touch screen in real time and can send informations to help them in decision making. He can also communicate with them through a microphone. His job is to analyse the soldiers's performance and help them improving their approach.

This project was developed in March 2016 with Justine Derouet, Antoine Mazenot and Quentin Le Pape.

My Job

UX Design

"I worked on the user experience, mainly on the time-travel mechanics. I also worked on the consistency between the universe's look and the application objectives : clear and impressive."

Level Design

"I tried to offer a good experience through the level design, between excitement and strategy. There is a lot of traps, ambushes or stressing phases, allowing to play as much as possible with the time-travel interactions."

Sound Design

""I made all the soundtrack on that project. I also used environment sounds to improve immersion and make a good difference between standard and time-travel modes."


The playable character

Level Design

The team during the showroom


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