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Paper RPG

Paper Game - Build a fantastic world

"Discover Game design in every aspects."

Back in highschool, I played Dungeon and Dragons with few friends. The game lasted an entire year, and it was an amazing experience. During 4 years, I tried to play again. Without success. That's why I decided to become Game Master, and to create my own entire universe.

The game is a medieval-fantastic RPG. It takes place in a huge world, with political, economic and ethnic backgrounds. It also contains a great history, a long scenario and developped storylines for 4 players.

My Job

Game Design

"I built a unique universe and created my own game system from many existing systems. I also created custom classes to make them consistent with the universe and the scenarios the players have created."

Level Design

"I learnt to create levels, from little close up in a corridor to gigantic cities. I also integrated different levels of difficulty, allowing players to progress and never get bored."

Content Creation

"In order to give life to that universe, I had to bring lots of content. That why I created a pnj generator, lots of quests and additional storylines, special events, rumors, and few more exciting things."

The world

City map

Dungeon Levels

Buildings's interiors

Quests and PNJs

Player set

Bonus - Few sketches

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