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Mafia Verde

Mobile App - Enhance waste's sorting

"Make the selective sorting of waste attractive and fun."

Mafia Verde is a project made for a start-up based in Nantes. The start-up had a platform to help waste sorting, but it was very serious and not attractive. They asked us to bring some innovative solutions. The objective was to use their work in the back-end and explore ways to make the user jump in and act.

We decided to create a big game, where the user can join a team, a mafia, and control a territory nearby it's location by sorting waste. The cleaner the user is, the more powerful he becomes. We chose to have a dual progression against other mafias, but also into the user's own mafia, with grades.

This project was developed with Adrien Fontaine.

My Job

UX Design

"We aimed to make waste sorting pleasant and natural. We chose to play with the user's location to make him join a team and help it through waste sorting."

Game Design

"We wanted to make the user craving for waste sorting. That's why we brought in some game mechanics such as scoring, objectives, and team in the process of waste sorting."


"During that project, we had three meetings with the client. Each time, we had to review and update our solutions, depending on their vision and their needs."

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