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Indie Game - Laval Virtual Limited Time

"Create a game in 36 hours with a mysterious object."

In March 2015, we took part in the Laval Virtual Limited Time competition. We had 36 hours to create a game, given a mysterious object. We randomly picked giant cutlery. We decided to make a rhythm game, featuring fruits and vegetables soldiers.

The action takes place in the bayous of Louisiana. Two voodoo gods, the loas, are fighting for the best soup. The player have to make the correct rhythm to push the vegetable enemies into the soup.

This project was developed with Lucas Pion, Clément Aupiais and Simon Lebastard.

My Job

3D Modelisation

"I made some of the character design and scenery. I worked on some jungle's props, the loas and the furniture."

2D Animation

"I made few animation for the promoting video in After effect. "

Sound Design

"I composed the music for that project, a jungle tribal exotic thing. Clément arranged it with different instruments to give it a Louisiana's tint."



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