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Life Line

Mobile app - Blood Donation

"Access blood donation easier and create engagement."

Life Line is an app used by people who want to donate their blood. With Life Line, they can easily find the donating spots and manage their donations. The app also stores all your donations.

If you feel more invested in the blood donation, you can join the team. Lifeline will allow you to share messages in order to convince people to give their blood. You will do this using a beacon. All people who already have the app will be notified if a donation spot is not far from them.

This project was developed with Maxime Béneteau.

My Job

UX Design

"I took part in the user experience design. I did some insights in the blood donation industry. I also lead to several solutions using creative tools. And I defined user needs and habits."

Video Making

"In order to highlight the project in the best way, we needed a good support. We chose to present it with a video, to simply understand the user journey."


"During that project, we had three meetings with the client. Each time, we had to review and update our solutions, depending on their vision and their needs."


Find where to go

Give your blood


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