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PC Game - Collaborative Gameplay

"Improve collaborative work playing in team."

Colony was the end of my Bachelor degree project, which I create by myself. I used to play video games with my teammates in class, and I noticed that playing together improved our communication skills during work. We know the colleagues better, understand how they think, work, and have some memories together.

That's why I decided to design a game where colleagues could play together with the same goal. The player control a little creature who is part of a colony. They are fighting against nature and will have to work together to survive. The player can choose one role within many.

I also made a 2D interface to observe the different capacities of the team, the pain points and the success. It would help team to understand who's good at what and improve there collaborative skills at work.

My Job

UX Design

"I wanted that game to play with collaborative skills. That's why I designed a game plus an analyzing tool."

Game Design

"I integrated some survival and collaborative mechanics such as timer, the matter of every role, and the capacity to communicate easily."

2D and 3D Work

"I made all the props, scenery, characters and interfaces like the minimap, the inventory and the analyzing tool."


Final result

Classes and mechanics

Analyzing tool

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