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Ballooning to Paris

VR app - Contemplative exploration

"Enhance immersion with a physical structure."

Ballooning to Paris is a virtual reality project made for the Nantes Digital Week. During that week, a lot of tech-related projects were exhibited in Nantes. We had the opportunity to deliver an VR experience for the public and to see more than 1000 users test the app.

The app is a contemplative journey through Europe. We wanted to offer a Jules Verne's "Tour du Monde en 80 Jours" reboot. In order to walk in Phileas Fogg's footsteps, the journey begins in London, in a hot-air balloon. The physical structure aimed to enhance the sense of presence and immersion of the user. The hot-air balloon was positioned at the same place in both virtual and real world. It worked great !

This project was developed between June and September 2016 during 3 weeks with Marion Laillé and Lucas Pion.

My Job

UX Design

"I took part in the User Experience design, working on the journey and the differents steps that the user could be involved in. I also took part in the building of the physical structure."

3D Modelisation

"I made some of the character design and scenery. I worked on some city's props, and the Britain and Netherland level."

Sound Design

"I made all the soudtrack and the voicelines on that project. I also used envronnement sounds to improve immersion."


Teaser - Work in progress


Work in progress

Final result

Users during the digital week

The team


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