Paul Le Texier

UX / VR Designer

Ballooning to Paris

Virtual Reality app -

Contemplative exploration

Make virtual reality even more real with a physical structure and explore Europe through the sky.

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Company tool -

Collaborative Gameplay

Improve collaborative work playing in team.

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TV app -

Future of TV

TV navigation concept based on users habits.

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My approach


In order to provide a good solution, the designer has to observe and learn about the product's context. I use insights to understand my client's needs, business, and the product's category.


Once I've gathered enough informations, I look for performing and innovative solutions. With a lot of creative tools, I like to experiment through drawing and prototyping.


Once my client and I are satisfied with the concept, I build the solution by coding or using graphic tools. And if I need another expertise, I'm glad to team up with fantastic pals.

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